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Kinda boring

A new year is beggining, and there are so much oportunity in front of me, there are so much chances for a person like me, for a child to grow up, because is the time, is the time to live in reality, to forget the dream... But is so hard, is so dificult to try to have another point of view about this life, about me, about all the things that matter for me. A new year, and we need to change our minds, to make new memories, to think about the past, to forget, to love, to cry... There are so many things that we need to do this year, in 365 days, oh sorry, 360, because 5 are history now... There are so many things that need to change. So many things that a child can do. This year I can't waste my time, I need to do awsome things, things that I will remember  next year.. Things that can make me realize what to do next year... I have a wishlist in my head for this year, maybe I will put it here, but not now, now I need to think about all the things that I can do, and then I will write them on this page..
Why had I writed this post in english? Because I need new things for the new me, for a new person, I just need somthing new in my life...

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